1. Who is Central Air Southwest?
    Central Air Southwest is a certified Part-135 air carrier, managed by seasoned professionals, specializing in cargo, and we been in business for over 4 and a half decades.  Your Cargo Is Our Mission.  We look forward to serving you.

We also are licensed to transport radioactive pharmaceuticals and have approval to carry a total of 200 TI in our cargo only aircraft with our USDOT SP15255 permit.

  1. Why Aero Commanders and a Learjet in your fleet?
    Our pilots’ safety, and that of your precious cargo, is our primary concern. The standardized Aero Commander 500 B/U fleet offers our customers the optimum combination of speed, load-carrying ability, multi-engine safety, and ease of operation.

All Central Air Southwest cargo 500 B/U’s have standardized cockpits, are IFR certified, GPS and Nexrad radar equipped, and are certified for flight into known icing conditions.  Our Learjet 35A can fly time sensitive shipments expeditiously and at long distances of 2100 NM.

  1. What is your on-time completion rate for your customers?
    We have an established track record of 98.5% on-time completion rate for our customers, on a majority of our routes.

Additionally, we have gone as long as 11 months without a single mechanical breakdown or delay. Case in point: in 1994, Central Air Southwest was the first private company to certify an airplane for flight into known icing conditions with the TKS Anti-Icing System.

  1. How do I work with Central Air Southwest?
    It’s simple. We offer three basic air services options – our Dedicated Aircraft Service option which gives customers the flexibility to ship past the locked in sort cutoff times that global shippers strictly enforce and work on their timetable not some arbitrary timetable; our very popular Piggyback Service option, offering customers the flexibility to place cargo on our aircraft throughout our system, or ‘piggyback’ on our existing route structure; and, finally, our Ad-Hoc Service option, for customers who require air services infrequently, or as needed only basis.
  1. How is your pricing structured?
    We often work closely with our customers to determine your unique air transportation needs and help you choose the optimal air transportation service to meet those needs.

For Dedicated Aircraft Service, for example, Central Air Southwest charges by the statute mile and figures pricing based on geographic locations, points served, fuel costs, layover time and landing fees.

For our Piggyback Service, we charge by the box, or by the cargo station occupied; and for our Ad-Hoc Service, costs generally run a bit higher than contracted services since aircraft fuel cannot be purchased on a contract basis and dedicated flight crews may have to be displaced from their home base temporarily to meet the customers’ needs.