Flight Solutions & Services


Central Air Southwest offers a variety of basic air service options to meet your transportation needs but are more than willing to discuss an individual optimal air delivery service specific to your requirements that is mutually agreeable to both parties.

Option #1: Dedicated Aircraft Service
A number of Central Air Southwest’s customers opt to pay for their own dedicated aircraft for scheduled deliveries. For example, some of our existing laboratory customers are able to collect specimens as late as 8:00 or 9:00 pm, then ship the cargo as late as they want for processing and still meet a time critical deadline, such as 8:00 am the following morning.

With Dedicated Aircraft, our laboratory customers have the flexibility to ship past firm cutoff times that global shippers strictly enforce. One of our current laboratory customers, for example, utilizes our service to transport diagnostic specimens to a central processing lab. The route makes two (2) pick-up stops per evening, before it reaches the processing city.

For Dedicated Aircraft service, Central Air Southwest charges by the statute mile and figure pricing from geographic locations, points served, fuel costs, layover time, and landing fees.

We often work closely with our customers to determine your unique air transportation needs, and will develop an optimal air-route system scheduled to meet those needs. Individual pricing depends on geographic location, points served, fuel costs, and distances involved.

Option #2: Piggyback Service
Central Air Southwest also offers customers the flexibility for their cargo to ride on our different aircraft throughout our network, or ‘piggyback’ on our existing route structure. For this service, we charge by the box, or by the cargo station occupied and it seems to suit the needs of many customers very well and is a cost-effective solution for many.

Option #3: Ad-Hoc Service
Central Air Southwest also has some clients that only have us fly trips for them on an as-needed, Ad-Hoc basis. The Ad-Hoc Service carries some greater costs than contracted services since aircraft fuel cannot be purchased on a contract basis and dedicated flight crews may have to be displaced from their home base temporarily to meet the clients’ needs.  Again, Central Air wants to be your aviation partner and is more than willing to work with you to meet your specific needs and expectations.

Option #4: Passenger Charter Service
Based on our proven success, we are proud to offer our passenger charter service to the public in our passenger configured Twin Commander 500B’s and Learjet 35A.  When time is valuable to you, a charter flight with Central Air Southwest can help you get some of this precious commodity back.  We’re ready when you’re ready.

Option #5: Twin Commander Maintenance
From the first Twin Commander we’ve ever owned, to the 30th, our company has logged almost 1-Million flight hours on these wonderful machines.  Central Air Southwest’s talented maintenance staff is fully capable of keeping your piston Twin Commander flying.  Our maintenance services include: Annual Inspections, 100 Hour Inspections, Pre-Buy Inspections, and the installation of Central Air Southwest owned STC’s.